We understand the myriad pain-points that recruitment for qual research can mean to our clients and we are determined to exceed your expectations at every step along the way.

300,000+ consumer panel

To find the right people to match highly segmented specs requires investment in a large consumer panel. And our connections reach out to many more communities as needed.

100's of fresh faces every week

We are consistently attracting 100’s of new respondents to our panel every week to ensure that you see fresh faces at all your focus groups.

Experienced Team

Our team has many years experience working together and we rarely experience any staff turnover.

B2Band List Calling

We have the resources and the experience to recruit for most b2b needs, as well as experienced callers who recruit from lists.


We are sticklers for getting it right. We want your respondents to be ‘spot on’ each and every time.

Care Factor

We care about getting it right for both the researcher and the respondent. We want to make sure that everybody has a great experience.

Taking part in focus groups, taste tests, interviews and online communities is social, interesting and rewarding!

Pain Points

  • We pay attention to screening-between-the-lines to give you the best mix of respondents.
  • We will never whinge (openly) about your insanely narrow specs but will tell you honestly what we think is achievable from the outset.
  • We like to maintain a 2-way dialogue with you and like to think we can add some value to the process based on our experience.
  • We understand the value of pre-tasks, but we’re not fans of asking CFOs to complete a collage.
  • We know that you’d like us to recruit 1 in 5 from your customer list, but we will tell you a more realistic strike rate when you brief us.
  • We won’t keep you in the dark – but will give you regular updates on how recruitment is going. If we can’t resolve any unforeseen problems we will discuss options openly with you.
  • We know that some of our carefully selected recruits will have an unforeseen medical or mechanical emergency on the night of the group and will always recommend an appropriate over-recruit.

paid market research

Get paid for participation in focus groups, taste tests, interviews and more.

Taking part in focus groups, taste tests, interviews and online communities is social, interesting and rewarding! Your feedback is invaluable in
helping shape the future of a wide range of products and services in Australia, and you will typically be offered $100 – $150 to take part. This can be much higher for more specialised audiences or higher levels of involvement. Registration is open for residents of Australia only.

Research Connections are our go-to recruitment partner. From standard consumer focus groups through to trickier specifications or unusual methodologies, nothing is too much trouble for the team. They take the time to understand our requirements and ensure the respondents are well qualified and engaged. As recruitment is such a critical part of the research process, we could not deliver the outcomes we do for our clients without Research Connections guidance, expertise and consistency of service.

Belinda Davidson, Kantar Millward Brown Aus

As always thanks for being so flexible and working through the challenges that were presented, I always appreciate the support and enthusiasm.

Ben Markham, FiftyFive5

Thanks for your efforts on this – you really do make our lives easier and we love working with you, so thank you again!

Margaux Gin, Hall and Partners

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to you both for turning this round so fast and finding some great participants on a tight timeline, being so responsive etc. Very much appreciated.

Charlie Cochrane, Jump the Fence

Great group, everyone showed up on time and participated well, thanks again for making my job easy. It is always a pleasure to work with you!

Amanda Adams, Choice

You’ve done particularly well for such a hard recruitment project. Very impressed, Thanks.

Louise Tracy, Outlook Research and Planning

Great recruiting – we thought these groups might be a challenge as some of the discussions & concepts were a bit abstract but they were all great. Thank you!

Alex Kelsey, The Kinetica Group

Also, just some feedback on the respondents, they were all great! Really involved, articulate and enthusiastic to be there.

Roxy Korman, Galkal

Terri and the team - you have been grace under pressure with such a helpful problem solving approach to get this very challenging recruit over the line. We got excellent respondents who were all really good contributors so thanks so much!

Michelle Wood

The Learning Difficulties group was absolutely brilliant thank you! I don’t think we could have gotten a better, more cohesive and articulate group if we tried. We certainly gained a lot of customer insights through this group and have a lot of ideas to work with.

Rachel Henze, Learning Links

Thanks so much for your support during this project, it's been great working with you. You've responded really well to tight deadlines and changes in requirements, and communication has been top notch.

Jack Bennett, DIJGT.AL

The entire team at Research Connections do a fantastic job on each project we partner with. Nothing is ever an issue, even with tight timelines or specific requests. Galia in particular is a fantastic project lead, and each time we work together, I know I can be confident that our research recruitment will go smoothly.

Scott Young, The Customer Experience Company

Research Connections
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Mark Howie
Mark Howie
06:18 10 Mar 20
I have always felt valued as a participant in the studies conducted by Research Connections. As I am opinionated and forthright, I often offer alternative viewpoints that hope to broaden perception and significantly contribute to the research. I find the integrity and professionalism of the entire team, at Research Connections, to be of a high standard. Whilst the topics continue to be relevant and current that focus on a commitment to the importance of research groups.read more
Naomi Duan
Naomi Duan
21:34 09 Mar 20
I was doubting the legitimacy of this company BUT after I attended the first research session in city, I found they are doing something good. 😀 We were able to discuss most interest things about the early-stage development of a new financial product. 2-hours past quickly with others. Light food and drinks are provided which is really sweet. Got the payment right after the session. I would like to go another day again 🙂read more
Lisa Burke
Lisa Burke
01:05 07 Mar 20
At first I was not certain or confident this was a legitimate company and spent some time researching their background and reading comments from others who had participated in research interviews. All the comments I read were positive and led me to believe this was an above board company. I have participated in one research interview and found it to be a professional and well organised process. The interviewer was skilled at making me feel comfortable and ensuring the process allowed me time to think about my answers, rather than feeling rushed. The payment for the interview was made very promptly. I would be happy to participate again in the future.read more
Tim W
Tim W
00:39 05 Mar 20
The focus groups can be really interesting and even educational as they can be on a range of things that will naturally be relevant to you. Ones I’ve been to are always well run and of course it’s a good little income earner as well. Good to take part in and probably quite valuable to provide feedback on goods and services you use.read more
Riley O'Neill
Riley O’Neill
00:11 05 Mar 20
Had a great experience with Research Connections. Called me at the exact time they had specified. I completed the 45min interview which was no worries at all. Questions were based around my own experiences. Then the $100 was in my account the next day. Would happily do more research interviews for this company.-Rileyread more
Rob Sawyer
Rob Sawyer
22:05 04 Mar 20
I’ve completed a variety of research projects (interviews, online surveys, groups discussions) for this company over many years. Maybe one or two each year. Have to say they are always professional and a pleasure to deal with. I’ve enjoyed the topics that have been discussed and always come away learning something new. Plus you get paid for your opinions etc. Happy to recommend them.read more
Andrew Willshire
Andrew Willshire
10:38 04 Mar 20
Great experience! The tasks are straightforward and pretty fun to boot! You get to chat with the moderators and they respect interesting & different points of view. Exactly as I’d hoped for, plus the payment is super fast! Would definitely recommend checking them out for a cool way to earn online 🙂read more
ross blazely
ross blazely
09:45 04 Mar 20
Genuine research on a wide & very interesting range of topics. All thoughts are encouraged with very active participation from everyone in attendance, who are from a wide distribution of participants. Thoroughly enjoyable & an added benefit is the tax free renumeration. I have been very happy to participate in 3 surveys in the last couple of years & unfortunately I have been declined once as I didn’t fit the selection criteria for the particular survey. I would recommend participation & registration to all; and you meet some amazing people with varying opinions.read more
Debbie Parkinson
Debbie Parkinson
08:42 04 Mar 20
The survey was legitimate and seemed to be for a political party locally. We were the last session so there were time constraints which could have been better managed and if they had been would have allowed for better quality answers via more discussion time. I felt better value would have been obtained by having participants document their feeling rather than having discussion manipulated or truncated by the presenter. I think there would have been more value to the client by having a less time pushed arrangement. Whilst I am not a supporter of the obvious client I respect that they have paid to have a valuable outcome for their money.read more
David Tucker
David Tucker
08:34 04 Mar 20
It is focus groups for big corps trying to understand consumer thinking. There’s no selling or anything like that. All they want is your honest thoughts. The research i did was interesting, well run and well remunerated. I had to admire the facilitator who got through a lot of issues and questions at a cracking pace without cutting people off. It was interesting to hear the views of the other people in the group.read more
Mark Mifsud
Mark Mifsud
07:37 04 Mar 20
I’ve been with research connections for several years now and have not encountered any issues with the research they assign me to. Furthermore, payments are always handled promptly and their communication is prompt and courteous.I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in signing up!read more
Jessica Wang
Jessica Wang
06:19 04 Mar 20
I attended few research topics in the past year with research connections. Interesting discussion sessions. They carefully select the eligible candidates for particular topics so you do need to fill a short survey. Sometimes you would get message straight away showing you are not eligible this time, sometimes it shows they might contact you later, which is normal. I registered my interest and always answer the short survey and get selected to participate the discussion on average every 3-6 months. They would provide soft drinks and light refreshment during the session, and cash reward vary from the topics.read more
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