Research Connections is the new name for our  dedicated team of recruiters and interviewers who have a long history of providing high quality recruitment and fieldwork services in Australia and New Zealand.

Respondent recruitment services

We conduct recruitment for focus groups, F2F interviews, taste tests, central location testing, car clinics and online focus groups across all categories including:

  • Consumer
  • Financial
  • Automotive
  • High Net Worth
  • Medical and Health
  • Legal
  • Business to Business
  • IT
  • Executive Level
  • Children's Groups
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cultural and Linguistically Diverse
  • Regional and Metropolitan
  • And more...

We have an extensive programme of continually refreshing our data base to bring new faces to focus groups and interviews –  and have a dedicated team of professional and resourceful recruiters who do ‘whatever it takes’ to find you the right respondents.

Interviewing and field services

Our team of experienced interviewers will undertake structured, semi-structured and qualitative interviews by telephone or face to face with consumer, business and professional audiences.

Interviews can be completed via CATI, paper or audio recording and transcribed or summarised to suit your needs.

We can also manage and supervise fieldwork in central locations including:

  • Set up and field supervision
  • Interviewing
  • Computer based data capture
  • Eye Tracking Surveys

Qual support services

We can help you manage your qual research projects by providing a full range of support services including:

  • Screening questionnaires
  • Venue bookings 
  • Respondent incentives
  • Moderators and interviewers
  • Note-takers
  • Transcripts
  • Translation services
  • Focus Vision
  • Web streaming and archiving

Quality assured 

While all our recruiters are trained to maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity in recruiting candidates  - we undertake to never charge for any respondent who you deem to be ‘off spec’.